Take Control Of Your Tender Response

Every year, many private sector businesses are awarded contracts by the government by simply submitted competitive bids for the supply of goods, services, or both. This enables small to medium and enterprise level business to become even more competitive in their market and gives them an opportunity to grow.
While some businesses don’t take tender responses as seriously as others, experts say that they should as it can have a direct outcome on the future of their business and their success. They don’t just need to take it more seriously, they need to take control of their tender response and use the following tips and methods to do so.
Let’s take a look at some ways that businesses can take control of their tender responses and become more effective and more successful:

Show interest- when considering a tender response, you have to register your interest with the purchasing agent.
Show up for information sessions- once you register your interest, you will be kept up to date about information sessions. Attend these as they will provide some very important information that you will need when creating your tender document.
Create a better tender response strategy- this is especially true if you were unsuccessful in the past. Your tender response strategy is important and it can help you win a contract, beating out your competition. If you are struggling with this, a tender service agency can help. They can create a tender response strategy that will get you the results you want, ensuring your tender response is effective.
Prepare your tender proposal- plan, draft and write your tender proposal and then rewrite it. You want to make sure that your tender proposal is as effective as possible and that it will have what it takes to win you the contract.
Ask for a debriefing- if, by chance, you are not awarded the contract, request a debriefing as this can provide some useful information that you can use the next time you submit a tender response. Use this as a learning experience and it will better prepare you and maybe even give you some insight into why you did not get the contract.

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