If your bid writing hasn’t been as successful as you would like or you feel that much of your written content is a bit lack luster, keep reading as the experts at Tender Ready are going to share some helpful tips that will have you writing more effective bids and seeing more success from your bid proposals than ever before!

From knowing what your bid’s purpose it, to taking the occasional break to sort your thoughts, our Top Tips For Better Bid Writing will help you write better bids today. Let’s get started:

Top Tips

  1. Understand your bid proposal before you start writing- many times bod writers have become lost in the bid writing process because they didn’t really understand why they were writing what they were. They get so wrapped up in the process that they lose sight of their purpose which is why this tip is so important. Take the time to understand the “why”, before you understand the “how”, and you will be better prepared to write more effectively.
  2. Set aside enough time- bid writing, or any kind of writing for that matter, takes time and if you feel rushed, it will show in the final content. Set aside enough time to complete the task beforehand, and you won’t feel rushed and you will have the time to make your bid really stand out.
  3. Avoid any distractions- distractions are the number one cause for people to not get their work done. Avoid distractions by finding a quiet place to work where you will not be interrupted by coworkers, clients or anything else if you want to create an exceptional bid proposal that gets results. Put away your phone and avoid social media as well.
  4. Don’t recycle content- although the bid writing process does utilise much of the same content from bid to bid, avoid the copy and paste methods and create new content every time. Yes, this content might sound familiar and it might even mimic that of other bids you have written, but you will know what is in the bid because you wrote every word.
  5.  Revise and Polish- when doing any kind of bid writing, you will typically just keep writing to stay on track and do any revisions later. When doing the revisions, be sure to take the time to fill in any gaps, add any supporting information and polish your content so that it is ready for submission. Then, once you have a submission ready bid, go over it one more time and make any final revisions to ensure it is the best it can possibly be.

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