What is holding you back from Bid writing?

If you have been considering becoming a bid writer, what is holding you back? Bid writing is an important job that can help your business, or other businesses, win contracts which can help them grow and become successful in their industry. You basically complete PQQs and tenders which can take hours to complete and if they are not accurate or effective enough, your company won’t be awarded the contract.

Is bid writing stressful? Yes. Is it for everyone? No. Bid writing takes a special kind of person and that person could be you.


For many, the idea of being organised and committed to achieving a goal can cause anxiety. The deadlines, the paperwork and the long hours can make anyone reconsider there thoughts of being a bid writer. But not you. You have what it takes. You are organised, you are dedicated to the cause and you want to help your company grow and become successful.


The ideal candidate for becoming a bid writer is someone who is an analytical thinker and who can review the bid documents and determine the best strategy to use when writing the bid. You must also decide if you should even bid on the contract and this involves an understanding of your company’s abilities.
It is also advantageous if you are already working within your company or, if you have a client that you are writing the bid for, that you work as closely as possible with them. This will enable you to have any important information about the company at your disposal during the bid writing process so you can write as accurately as possible.

The Bid Writing Process

Could it be that the bid writing process itself is what is holding you back? While it can be easy to become better organised and to compile the information needed for the bid, but when it comes to sitting down and actually writing the bid itself, it can become challenging for many people.
Once you have all of the information you need, you have to begin putting it together in a way that offers a solution to the prospective client and that wins your company the contract. This is a very time consuming process which requires focus and the ability to take dry, factual information and turn it into something that is not only informative, but persuasive as well.

So, do you have what it takes to be a successful bid writer? If so, what it holding you back now?

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