Tender Writing and Bid Managment Consultancy

Tender Writing & Bid Management Consultancy

Strategic tendering is a highly effective, but often overlooked route to market for SMEs.
Winning the RIGHT tenders can have an extremely positive impact on your business, and can help you achieve your business goals and vision, such as business growth, market domination, exporting. This can kick start a cycle of beneficial outcomes that continuously feed and nurture a business through the various stages of growth.

tender strategy planning

Here at Tender Ready we see tendering and bid management as a viable sales channel to accelerate business growth, and indeed the only sales channel where you will be presented with all of the buyer’s requirements and specifications in one document, with a clearly defined sales cycle to aid forecasting, and in many cases legislation to ensure an even playing field. But we also realise that success requires time and resources and that in many SMEs one or both of these are limited.

As your strategic tendering and bid management partner, we will we will use our combined 20 years of experience to help you build tender management into your sales strategy and grow it into a successfully sales channel. You will have a dedicated project consultant and an experienced research team who will work with you every step of the way to define and achieve your strategic tendering and bid management goals.

Your team will assist you to:

  • Build a business case and achieve buy-in across the organisation
  • Develop a tender and bid management strategy to meet your business goals
  • Track and identify opportunities across your target markets
  • Carry out regular risk vs benefits, strategy matching and Stop/Go analysis on each opportunity
  • Provide competitor, buyer and market procurement analysis
  • Develop a structure to carry out regular SWOT analysis into your operational and delivery capabilities, skillset and innovation in reference to your target markets
  • Build and upskill your internal bid project teams
  • Provide quality assurance at each key stage of the tendering process
  • Write and present your winning bids
  • Deliver learning, debrief and strategy review from each tender submitted
  • Provide access to regularly updated resources including tutorials, templates, monthly insights, networking opportunities.

Contact us now to discuss upcoming tender opportunities in your market.


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